After taking my A-levels (Gymnasium) at the Montessori Lyceum in Amsterdam I went to study Communications at the HEAO. The real training started when I asked photographer Hans Kroeskamp if he would take me on as a trainee stylist. He said ‘Why?’  ‘ Because I have an eye for beauty’ I said. He taught me all there is to know and I became a well trained allround stylist for advertising, both  photography and commercials.

Over the years I have worked for big companies like  ABN/AMRO, Albert Heijn, Douwe Egberts, Heineken, ING, KLM/Air France, Audi, BMW, Deutsche Post ,Mercedes, Ministerie van Defensie, Rijkswaterstaat, Samsonite, Ziggo, Four Season Hotels, Volkswagen and many others.

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In my view a stylist will help to create a strong image by focussing on the best possible execution, enhancing the concept.

Other than being resourceful, disciplined and prepared to put the extra mileage in, you must worship beauty.
The merit of a good stylist is her eye for  beauty, her sense of the aesthetic.
It is a talent, a gift, a blessing.

When I look at my work, I know that I always love a certain stillness, timelessness, simplicity.
I think in this visually overwhelming society, beauty and simplicity can be like an oasis, where the eye can rest and enjoy.
At the end of the day, that is what we try to achieve with our campaigns, ideas and images: to capture someone’s  attention and appreciation for a minute or two……

It is a privilege to share my talent, I look forward to working with you.